·         Where else can I buy Local Honey?


Lincolnshire Honey is available from a number of locations. It can often be found in local Farmerís Markets, whole food shops, folk festivals or by the roadside in rural locations. Due to high demand, it may not be able all year round at all outlets, so I suggest you stock up, and you know that Honey keeps for a really long time.


·         How do you get the honey out of the hive and into the jars?


Check out the section on Our Honey.


·         Why has my honey set really hard, with light streaks down the jar?


Your Honey has crystallized. This occurs when Honey through its sugar combination of dextrose (34%) to levulose (42%) changes from the liquid state to the granulated or crystallized state. This combination or balance of the two main mono-sacharide sugars dextrose and levulose is the key factor to crystallization of Honey. The higher the dextrose the more quickly the Honey is liable to granulate.


·         Help, I have a swarm of Bees in my garden, what should I do?


Above all, donít panic Ė a swarm of Bees is very unlikely to attack you if left well alone. Please go to the Swarm help page for further information.


·         How can I get started in beekeeping?


The first step is to go to my starting out page.


·         Can I give a talk at my School/ Scout/ Brown/ Conservation meeting?


Many Beekeepers are happy to give talks on Bee related subjects. For further information contact me and I will try to put you in contact with someone who can help.


·         How do I become a member?


Please contact me for details.


·         I have noticed a mistake on your website; whom should I contact?


Please contact the webmaster at p.kime@talktalk.net

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